Monday, October 24, 2016

Meeting our Friends

Today was a non-Disney theme park day. As our friends from Finland were coming in today and we didn't want to miss them, we decided today we'd go by Disney Springs and the pool and have a relaxing day.

We stopped by the giant Disney store. All we bought was a deck of cards.

Then we headed to the Lego store. Ashton was ecstatic. There were tons of Lego displays. Very impressive.

We then went to the Star Wars store. I was rather disappointed. I was expecting more. There was a lot of Rogue One stuff, but as the movie doesn't come out for a couple months yet, it meant nothing to me.

We headed back to our room for lunch and a nap. During Ashton's nap our good friends from Finland were checking in their room next door. We opened the adjoining door and hugged and chatted it up. Eventually Ashton work and they gave her her birthday presents they got her and a card that made music (from Star Wars.)

We then headed off to the pool. The pool was amazing. Lots of slides and pirate features.

We started off at the kiddie pool which looked like a pirate ship. But then Miss S wanted to go in the big pool and headed there with her Daddy. Ashton wasn't far behind. Mr. S decided he had enough fun in the kiddie pool and just wanted to hang with us mom's so we located over to the big pool as well.

We had fun watching our girls with their dads. Mr. S was then walking around checking everything out and stepped on a bee. Poor thing. We got some ointment on it and his Daddy held him for a bit. So it was just my man with our two girls.

Miss S is 6 and Mr. S is 2. And they don't speak 1 word of English. But being kids, we knew our kids would get along anyhow. And they did. Miss S and Ashton hit it right off. Thought Miss S is more girly, she's just as spunky as our girl. Mr. S is more laid back and observant.

I hadn't seen Mrs. M since 2012 when we visited them in Finland, right before we were matched with our daughter later that year.

This was the first time they met Ashton and first we met Mr. S. And we're each other's Godparents to each others children.

After the pool we freshened up and went out to dinner on the boardwalk. We ate outside enjoying the warm weather. Once sunset hit, there were performers on the boardwalk and the kids were entranced.

We saw fireworks off in the distance. It was a beautiful night. But we called it quits early as Magic Kingdom is tomorrow morning.

When we got to our room, Ashton gave Miss S a walkie-talkie. Again, yes, Miss S doesn't know English, but that didn't stop them giggling and saying hi and each other's names to each other from their rooms over the walkie-talkies.

My BFF from Finland, this is all of their first time at Disney. I can't wait to spend the coming day with them.
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