Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Magic Kingdom Here come the Crazy 7!

When we awoke, Mrs. M had a job interview right away. We hung out as long as we could outside before the park would open in case the interview was cut short.

They kids went gaga over a friendly sand piper by our hotel. They had no food to entice it, but the sand piper was very friendly (obviously used to being fed); so it stuck around and walked by the kids, much to their delight. This went of for about 15 minutes!

Finally, we decided to trudge on ahead without Mrs. M. She would call us when it was over and we'd meet by the Walt Disney statue.

First, we took the kids over to Splash Mountain. However, Mr. S was too small to ride. So the daddys went on ahead with their daughters; and I held Mr. S over the bridge to watch the people come over the waterfall on the ride. He said a few things to me in Finnish. I have no idea. But he was calm and let me hold him, and I talked to him hopefully in a soothing voice.

I kept telling him dada would be coming over the waterfall, only to learn too late after the fact that it isn't dada at all in Finnish. It's isä. Not even close! So I wasn't calming him with any words at all that were familiar. Go figure. Good thing Mr. S is a laid back personality.

Once we saw them over the waterfall (but still not off the ride) my phone rang. Mrs. M was done and ready to meet us by the statue. I told her we'd be by once the families were off the ride.

We met up and went on the next ride.  The Pirates of the Caribbean. I really wanted photos of us on this ride, but we couldn't find a Disney photographer.

We went on the Safari boat ride. Right before we got in line. I saw the cutest popcorn holder. It was a vampire Mickey Mouse! You open his head to eat the popcorn. And bonus, it came with a strap to wear around your neck. Ashton loved it! I thought it was super cute!

The kids were impressed with the "animals" they saw during the ride. I could here Miss S talk excitedly to her Mama. Ashton did the same with me.

After the ride we did the teacups. It was a little much for Mrs. M. She got very dizzy. Then the kids wanted to ride Dumbo and then a Goofy helicopter roller coaster. So we did. Ashton loved being high. I came to find out she's a thrill seeker. She's into roller coasters and fast rides. The other stuff is okay, but she prefers the fast and crazy.

Also with Mr. S and Miss S to wait in line with Ashton, she did so much better waiting. And she understood it was worth the wait. She became a pro!

When I was a little girl, I went to Disney World with my parents and brother. I was in the 3rd grade, much older than Ashton is now, but still young. And I remember loving the Cinderella fountain and getting my photo taken there. I completely forgot about it until I saw it again. When I did, I knew I needed a photo of my girl and me there. Ashton was very patient in doing so, as she didn't see the same magic in the fountain as I did.

Beside the fountain was a store, inside I found two matching necklaces shaped like keys that read BFF. They also were like mood rings and changed colors depending on your temperature. I bought the necklaces for the girls since there were having a ball with each other. They put it on immediately.

Ashton also discovered Pascal, the green chameleon from 'Tangled'. She wanted him and as she didn't get much on her birthday, I thought why not. She toted him around, very proud!

We then went on a Toy Story ride and Snow White roller coaster ride, racing cars, the Peter Pan ride, and It's a Small World.

From all the rides all day, though Ashton was afraid of the witch at the end of the Snow White ride, because it was a roller coaster, she said it was her favorite ride. Though from the photos you wouldn't think so.

It was getting late and the park closed early at 7pm to open up the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. So we left to our rooms have the kids change into their costumes and go trick-or-treating. Ashton was excited to go as Princess Leia riding a Tauntaun. Seela went as Elsa from 'Frozen' and Sebastian had a Batman costume, but refused to wear it.. So we said he was going as "Bruce Wayne".

Once we were there the parade was about to start. So we sat on the beginning of Main street and took it all in. First came out the Headless Horseman.

And Ashton was terrified. I mean scared out of her wits. She was almost in tears. She got up from her spot up front and wanted to be held and buried her face in my shoulder asking to leave. We had to let her know when he was gone and it was all safe. We tried to explain it wasn't real but she had none of it. The rest of the parade wasn't as scary.

After a few other spectacles, Ashton eased up. And she was able to enjoy the parade. But she lost her place up front. I had to carry her further back behind some people. She was still able to enjoy it.

Then it was off to trick-or-treat. However, we noticed there were some characters near by and Miss S hadn't met any yet. So I took Miss S and Ashton to meet Tinkerbell, while my friends took their son to meet Mickey Mouse.

Little did I know how shy Miss S would be. Ashton had a chance to warm up to the characters, but was super shy meeting Anna. Miss S was the same way. And with her not speaking English, I felt at a loss. But Tinkerbell worked her magic. We were able to coax her to take a photo if I were in it with Ashton.

Then we stopped to see Snow White. This time with Miss S mommy there to guide her. It went much smoother. There wasn't a long line to see any of these characters, it was great.

Ashton wanted to see Jasmine though. She wasn't up near Main Street, we'd have to hoof it over to "Agrabah". So we went to see Jasmine. Boy, I had no idea it'd be such a long wait. Unlike the other princesses, Jasmine doesn't stick around. She is on rotation. For half an hour it's Jasmine and the Genie. The next half an hour it's Aladdin and Abu. We waited for about 20 minutes and they did the rotation, Jasmine left with the Genie. We waited another 20 minutes and it was our turn. But she didn't want to see Aladdin, she wanted Jasmine. So we let family after family by as we waited.  That was about another 10 minutes or so. We would be the first ones to see her.

And during all this waiting, our friends and family went off trick or treating without us. Who could blame them. We also ended up missing the fireworks over the castle. I was very disappointed, that was one of the big highlights I was looking forward to. But I stuck around for Jasmine for my daughter and I wouldn't have it any other way.

While we were waiting, Ashton began to tell me she was going to thank Jasmine for making her bed every night. Really? Uh, oh! I was worried.

I tapped the line watcher/assistant/photo staff, whatever they are called and told her that it was my daughter's birthday the other day and she wanted to thank Jasmine when she came out for the balloons, card, and making her bed. The woman said she'd remind her and winked at me and left to give the message. All was good. Whew!

They began the switch and my husband, ever the perfect timing, made it to see. Then Jasmine came out and Ashton got very shy again. I was close, but I couldn't hear a thing Jasmine said to my girl, but she took her time with her and was very sweet.

When it was over I asked Ashton what she said. And she told me that she and the Genie helped make her bed every day! The Genie uses his magic! I asked about the card and balloons, but she wouldn't stop going on about how they made her bed together for her. Who knows if they talked about anything else.

If only she would be excited about me making her bed like that! But I generally help her do it. And it's not hotel corners and all that. It's basically thrown on, straightened good enough kind of made.

After Jasmine, we met up with the rest of the group. While we were gone, they had ridden several rides and saw the fireworks. They also got Ashton some extra candy from trick or treating.

We all then went on the merry go around and the Little Mermaid ride. What was great was during these Halloween hours, the waits for the rides were like 10 minutes! Fastest times to get on and off ridges ever! Loved doing the park this way.

Ashton then begged to go on the Snow White ride again. Daddy obliged. She got to ride up in the very front this time. She loved it! Again, you can't tell by her face in the photos.

We were dead by the end of the night. But it was a blast. Worth keeping the kids up late.

We headed back to the hotel and had no problems going straight to sleep.

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