Friday, October 28, 2016

Last Full Day Together

This morning we woke up, headed to the pool for a bit.

The girls had a blast swimming about. We kept throwing in Miss S's toys and she dove in after them. Ashton just played by the steps or held on to Mrs. M, my hubby, or even Miss S practicing her swimming.

We then headed back to the beach. Man was it windy. I bundled up in my beach towel.

The kids and Mr. A enjoyed the waves, as my hubby was busy constructing a castle. I just lounged with Mrs. S.

We then stopped by the famous Ron Jon Surf Shop. And while there, Ashton discovered a whole section dedicated to skateboards! She was in Heaven. She's been begging for a skateboard for the past 2 years. But her daddy believes they to be too dangerous and she needs to wait until she's at least 10 years old. (He used to skateboard back as a kid, himself.) So as he has knowledge about it and I don't, I consider him to be the expert and his rule applies. I think, she has already worn two casts in life, this won't stop her from any more coming her way. And she's not doing turnpikes yet. Just wants us to hold her while skateboarding. But I respect my husband's views and so no skateboards.

A few weeks ago while at the Frozen party, she found a skateboard in the basement and had me push her all about. She loved it, so with that fresh in her mind and seeing this. She was begging for a skateboard.

I took her to the kids skateboards her size to see if she liked any of them. Only one was really different from the rest. Most were wooden or brightly decorated, definitely focused on boy or girl stero-types. There was this lone one, that was all red. And translucent red at that. It was cool Then when you put it on the ground and rolled it, the wheels lit up. You should have seen her face.

She sat on it and had me roll her around on it forever. She loved it. She begged her daddy. She showed how she was being careful. The sales associate asked what kind of gear she had. We told him Darth Vader roller skate gear and BB-8 bike helmet. He said all that would be fine, except the wrist guards. That if she was to skateboard, she'd need better wrist-guards. I told him her hand are too small for wrist guards, I'm sure. He brought out 2 kid sizes. Ashton tried them on. One too big, one fit pretty well.

She didn't want to leave her beloved, special skateboard. I told her it wasn't green. She said she didn't care, it matched her room.

I looked to my hubby. He said if he would get her one, getting one here would make sense as it'd be a great quality skateboard. He didn't trust just any store that sold them. But he really didn't want her with a broken collarbone. I told him she wasn't going to do jumps or anything, just hold our hands probably the first year or two.

He asked her if this was all she wanted for Christmas. Nothing else.

She said yes.

So he bought it for her. She got to hold it that night, but wouldn't get to see it until Christmas. And we bought the wrist guards. Ashton was beaming. She couldn't wait to show it to Mrs M and Miss S. Miss S has one similar but the wheels don't light up.

We all then walked to a restaurant with outside seating on a covered patio overlooking the water. A live band played there. Didn't really pay it much mind, they were playing a lot of 80s and 90s music.

After dinner, Ashton was really intrigued to see the band. Where we were sitting, we were on the other side of the patio, so you couldn't see the band. Ashton wanted to see. So we walked over and she wanted to dance with me. So we did.

We were jumping up and down and playing about. Mr. A took Mr. S to dance and Mrs. M took Miss S. It was so cute. The lead singer took a photo of us, which I just happened to find on Facebook. We're all blurry, but you can make out my husband behind my flying hair. Miss S doesn't look too bad. Mr. A and Mr S are easy to spot, but blurred as well.

Then a slow song came and I cuddle my baby for one last dance. This time Mr. S played on the railing and Mr. A danced with Mrs. M. It was really fun. And Ashton got to see her first live band!

Ashton loved it. And we then walked back to our bed and breakfast and said goodnight. As the next day we have to drive home. :( This vacation has gone by way too quickly.

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