Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hello October

So last night was October eve, the night before October. And I pulled out Ashton's newest pjs! They're super cute! They have cats all over them and then paw prints up the arm and on the top of the back of the shirt. It says scaredy cat. I went to take a picture of her and Kaida photo bombed it! 

Sine we were getting walls mudded, I took Ashton out of the house. I dresses her up in one of the first Halloween geared outfits I had stored for years. (during our adoption wait, I think I bought clothes for her all the way up to 5T! It's always fun to open up the next size up and see what we have awaiting us and what I remember.) While we were out I had people ask if she'd been to a party or why she was all dressed up in Halloween gear. I'm like it's October and I want to. People wear Christmas gear all December long, why not Halloween gear? My girl is an October baby, and I love Halloween outfits. And as long as my girl will still let me pick out her clothes, I'm going to enjoy this!

We had a good time out and when we were back home we missed the mudding by 5 minutes! Perfect timing! Sometimes it's just easier to have Ashton out of the house then trying to keep her busy.

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