Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Han Solo in Carbonite

For those that know my girl know she loves Star Wars. With that come a few facts.
  1. She loves Tauntauns.
  2. She loves Finn, Poe Cameron, Princess Leia (she doesn't know her as the general), and Yoda.
  3. The tie fighter is her favorite ship.
  4. She loves to sing the Imperial March.
  5. Nothing is scarier than Han in carbonite.
I repeat, nothing is scarier to Ashton than carbonite. Just last year when the Force Awakens came out to theaters, The Children's Museum had a Han in carbonite display. It was so cool and life-size. Ashton started screaming and crying. I had to cover her eyes and get her to the next floor.
So when I was ready to go out the door to drop her off at daycare, Ashton was waiting for me doodling. And she was excited to show me her artwork. She drew Han in carbonite. 
Who draws their fears? Very odd. She never fails to surprise me. And when I asked her why, she just gave me a look like why not?
May the force be with her always. 

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