Thursday, October 20, 2016

Gymnastics Surprise

Yesterday when I picked up my girl from daycare in her bag was a letter from her gymnastics teacher.

For over 2 years my daughter has had gymnastics every Tuesday at daycare. I've always had mixed emotions about it.

Good side - It's convenient. It's during daycare, so no driving about, fitting in a schedule or whatever.

Good side - Because it's at daycare, it more affordable than other tumbling/gymnastics classes. With no overhead to pay and bringing the equipment to the school room and a one woman shop, we pay about half of most classes if we went to a gymnastics facility.

Bad side - I never see her progress, her struggles. I know nothing about her classes whatsoever. I have no idea how she really compares or if she's benefiting or what. I hate not knowing. And as Ashton is so young, she can't truly verbalize what she's doing or loves or anything. She just tells me if she got a stamp for being good or not. (Like cutting in line, etc.)

I've tried to email the instructor trying to get more information out of her about Ashton's performance, but I get nothing. So I just let it lie.

So seeing the letter I was curious if it were about payment or something. But instead it was about her teacher going from 3rd shift at the hospital where she also works to going 1st shift. Thus, she is closing her tumbling business. Classes end next week.

Well, as we're gone on vacation next week, Ashton doesn't get to say goodbye. That's a little sad. But as I never met the instructor, I'm not really heartbroken over it. But now I have to see if I can budget more streamline gymnastic classes and can I fit them in our schedule and where to go. Not something I really wanted to think about.

I had Ashton in Chinese dance class but pulled her out a month ago. Her class ran from 7pm-10pm. It's supposed to end at 9, but they always run long. That's just too late for a four year old to be up, even if it's a Friday night. And it was a far drive for us, so by the time I got home it was well past 10:30pm. Friday nights were a bust. I hated loosing our Friday nights. It felt like a long workday and a bit of a robbery of the weekend.

Well, knowing she no longer has that outlet, and now her tumbling... my girl is an active girl. More so than most girls I'd say. She is found everyday at daycare romping around with the boys digging for worms and climbing the outdoor equipment. She needs a physical outlet.

Do I look into sports, or gymnastics, or let things "settle" and see if her daycare can find another gymnastics situation like they used to have. Which I was told they're doing, but I don't know how committed they are in doing so and how easy or hard to find such a thing is. So is it worth the wait? Or if not, can I even afford doubling pricing and doing gymnastics? Sigh!

Of course I've asked Ashton and in her typical response she just shrugs her shoulders. She can never truly express if this is something she loves or not. She's no help. I've tried different tactics. I can't tell if it means she doesn't care or if she doesn't truly understand what I'm asking. When her dancing stopped she never questioned it. Will this be the same?

I know it will work itself out. However, I am saddened it happened now and right before we leave on vacation. So I can't worry about it now and get it settled or worked out in my head. I have to set it aside, which my personality doesn't like to do. I like to sort these things out and know everything right away. I just don't have the time since we're leaving tomorrow on vacation.

Hopefully that is the best thing and daycare will have their backup plan when we return from vacation. But as of right now, it's bugging me and tickling me in the back of my mind.

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