Sunday, October 16, 2016

Frozen Party

Today was a long day. Ashton was up super early. Her Daddy was out working on a theater set, so she and I stayed in packing/doing laundry for our vacation in a few days time. Of course Ashton can't "work" for long and went off to play and draw. She came back saying she drew me a dragon. I was very impressed. He's a beautiful dragon.

By noon, when my hubby made it home, we had to leave to our 2 hour drive up to Winamac. We had Miss R's birthday to go to. When we arrived Ashton was shy at first, then warmed up when she saw they had a skateboard. Something that she's been wanting for years. She's not allowed to have one until she is 10, but I let her ride on it on her butt or belly, and a couple time standing up, while holding on to my hands. She was in Heaven. 

She wasn't very cooperative with photos. She didn't like wearing the crown, but her face is priceless and cracks me up. She just needed to wear it for the group photo for a moment. Miss R really wanted everyone to have crowns. We got her smile for a couple shots, but getting a bunch of kiddos together for a group shot is nearly impossible.

Later she complained about her tummy hurting. When she's mentioned her tummy hurting before in the past, I'd just give her something to eat or drink and it's past. You couldn't even tell she was "hurting". But not this time. We had drinks, food, soup, hot water bottle, she was miserable. It'd come and go. I held her a bit.

What's amazing is that Miss R and Ashton shared the same SWI. They "grew" up together so to speak. Though a brief time as Ashton is 1 year older. But it's so cool that they get to stay in touch. I love that though they don't understand fully, they're "sisters" in a way and share their time in China together.

In the end, she started feeling better and when all the guests were gone she was coloring with Miss R and her baby sister. They were all so cute together. All wanting the same marker, all chating up about what they were creating. It was great.

It was definitely a long drive there and back, but so worth it. Just wished her tummy felt better. But when it wasn't hurting they were playing sword fights, playing the pinata, building mega blocks, chasing each other, it was a good time.

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