Saturday, October 22, 2016

Disney World Arrival

After driving yesterday and a bit this morning. We finally arrived at Disney around noon!

Unfortunately, we left Ashton's favorite pillowcase that she sleeps with every night at the hotel on the border of Georgia. We will have to get it on our return trip home. I hope she'll do okay without it.

We had to wait a bit to get checked in, but when we did it was awesome! We decided to stay at the Disney Caribbean Resort as it had rally fun theme for kids and amazing pools. We really liked the theme ourselves.

Ashton loved the pirate themed room we had. She was trying out which bed she wanted.

She made herself home right away and got out her travel companions.

We stopped by the local resort store. Upon entering there was a Disney employee that engaged with Ashton and handed her 6 stickers. 5 for turning five tomorrow, and one to grow on.

There were some cool Halloween stuff. And a hat that didn't quite fit Ashton.

We then headed to Universal Studios to meet some friends I hadn't seen in years, like since I was in college! We decided to meet at The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium.

As it would be an 80 minute wait so we decided to get some of their treats while we waited. Ashton and I split the brownie shake while Daddy got the one with strawberries.

We finally got to our booth and we got appetizers. I love the Philly cheese-steak dippers. Yum! Our friends ordered a lot and we got to savor a little bit of everything from chocolate bread to all sorts of naughty foods.

I ended up ordering a cheeseburger with meatloaf/corn/garlic mashed potatoes in the burger! It was awesome!

Ashton had fun sitting with our friends and entertaining them. We couldn't stop talking. We finally left and walked along the Citywalk. My friend's daughter and mine hit it off and they'd play around.

I had Ashton say good-bye to being four, as this was her last day. I had her do so before her birthday last year and the year before. Most people video the countdown on New Year's Eve. I do my daughter's birthday eve.

It was getting late and time to say goodbye. It was like no years had past. We were chatting it up and having a good time. It was hard to say goodbye.

We then headed back to our room ready to crash as we have a full day ahead of us tomorrow in Epcot. Along with someone being the big O-H-F-I-V-E.
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