Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Cracked Tooth & Cavity

Today was Ashton's dental appointment where we'd fill in her cracked tooth and cavity.  I was rather nervous for her. We told her if she was VERY good, we'd give her a Shopkin when it was all said and done. she was very happy and excited about getting a Shopkin.

She wanted to hold on to her surprise Shopkin during the procedure. The staff were very sweet and taient with her.

They had many colored masks for her to choose from and each color gave off a different scent. Ashton chose the orange mask which was orange scented.

I thought that she looked like a cute little duck!

Everyone reacts to the gas differently. I was curious how she'd take it. I think it made her very mellow. Though she kept wiggling her feet. But usually she can't sit for long periods of time and she had no problem laying there while they did their work.

She was very responsive and kept showing everyone her Shopkin she hadn't opened yet. I thought she may freak during the shot, though they numbed her gum line. But she never noticed. She was super brave and super good. She opened her Shopkin at the end of it all to show off her prize. She was happy.

They gave her a grape flavor ice afterwards. Other than once a complaint that her mouth was sore, she never acted like anything happened. Which is great, but unexpected. I'm so proud of my little trooper! She's awesome. I'm so glad it went well and without a hitch!

We still have one other cracked tooth and a couple spots to watch. I hate that she doesn't have developed enamel. It makes her teeth so much more sensitive. I worry about her teeth all the time. She even brushes at daycare. However, we're "battling" it as best we can and trying to take really good care of those precious teeth. Luckily, her adult teeth should be just fine.

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