Monday, October 31, 2016

Back Home & Halloween Night

We made it home late yesterday afternoon. All our furbabies missed us and were happy to see us. I did love seeing their faces and snuggling up again.

In the mail came a surprise gift for Ashton from Grammy and Grampy. They set Ashton a Halloween goodie bag. They got her lots of tid bits from Halloween notepads, erasers, bracelets, and candy. But what I loved the most is that they decorated the bag themselves. It was so creative.

Here She is sporting a bat headband and holding onto a sucker that they wrapped up to look like a ghost.

It's hard to believe it's Halloween. Probably because we just came back from vacation. But it sure snuck up on us. We knew it would.

Luckily I had her costume ready. It was unpacked and laid out yesterday from our trip. It is nice to get a second use out of it.

We then headed to our friend's house like we do every year for Halloween. We took a group shot of the kids together with Ashton's Tauntaun of course.

Just like Disney, we knew she wouldn't carry the Tauntaun around, he'd get too heavy. So we pushed him around in the stroller. Few people knew who she was. I don't think any saw the Tauntaun as he would hang back with us parents in the driveway.

Ashton made out like a bandit. And the weather though cool, was nice. Not as nice as Florida, but still great for Indiana. I wasn't really ready for Halloween. I just wanted to stay home and relax, but at least I got to spend quality time with Mrs. D and see my daughter gobble up all this fun.

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