Sunday, October 23, 2016

5 Year Old Birthday at Disney World

We woke up early ready to go to Epcot. I put Ashton in her Tauntaun shirt for her birthday and we headed out.

We had to wait to get into Epcot as we were there a few minutes before opening. Ashton couldn't stand the wait, and before Disney was open she was having a meltdown!

Then we made our way to the new Frozen ride. We knew that this would be the longest wait so we wanted to get it done first.

We had about a 30 minute wait. Really pretty good wait time, as I've heard it can get as bad as 5 hours.

However, as Ashton still didn't get the whole Disney thing, and had to wait to get into Disney rush to this line and wait again, she had another meltdown. She just didn't get it. She said, "I don't like Disney. Disney is boring!" I was trying to explain that there was a ride at the end if she was patient. But as this would be her first ride, she just didn't get the concept. She didn't care.

But we enjoyed the little details they had during the wait. Like the Sauna.

Finally we rode the ride. She had fun, but was scared of the snow monster. We then went to wait in line to meet Anna and Elsa. I thought these would be safe first characters to meet. Again, another meltdown while waiting. And it being her birthday, I was so conflicted. I wanted to take her back to the hotel and just let her cry it out and maybe nap and be better. But there is no really timeout as an option. And with it being her birthday, I was trying to make it extra special. But her attitude was hard to swallow.

Then we come to meet Anna. And she's terrified. She won't go up to her. She hides behind me. I figure out she won't go up without me. And she put me between her and Anna. She's on overload. Anna was so patient with her and we took our photos together. I wasn't expecting my child to be scared of Anna!

Next was Elsa. Elsa came down on her level and coaxed her out from my leg! I was so excited. Ashton was no smiles, but entranced and very shy. But she did much better. She even held her hand.

We then were walking talking about lunch and saw Donald with a short line to meet him. By now Ashton got the drill. Her smile came out and while waiting she was playing peek a boo around pillars. She wasn't afraid of Donald at all. She went right up with no problems.

Then it was definitely time to eat. We stopped by a restaurant and Ashton was so pooped, she fell fast asleep during the entire lunch. She woke up as they brought the check. So we then ordered her some food and they brought it to go along with a free birthday desert. Our girl was all smiles.

We visited more characters, and rode some rides. Ashton loved Soarin'! She felt like Supergirl! After her nap she got the hang of Disney and was all good. We went on some race car ride and Ashton got to design our race car. She was very proud.

Ashton was excited to get tho China, but once there got quickly board. So we breezed through it and I got myself a jade necklace. 

Then we hit the jackpot on many characters. And she went right up and hugged them. She even has an autograph book and got each of their autographs.

She said she was really excited to meet Goofy as he's funny. When the met they hugged then danced together. I wish I got it on video.

But it was Minnie who noticed her Birthday pin and painted it out.

Ashton was super excited to meet Baymax. His was the shortest line to wait in. He couldn't sign her book due to the large fingers, but she was in awe of meeting this guy.

But like any kid, she couldn't just wait in line. She would bounce around or be held, or would swing on the poles. My daughter would "pole dance" and since it kept her busy, we let her. It got funny actually.

Ashton was excited to meet Joy and Sadness, but was disappointed her favorite Disgust wasn't there among them. I'm glad it was worth it, because form all the character we met, they were the longest wait of all of them. We got to see Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, and Baymax altogether faster than it took to wait for these two.

We saw the fireworks at the end and went to one of the stores on the way out. we told her for her birthday she could pick out ANYTHING she wanted and we'd get it for her. She went to the hot wheels cars and picked out a Baymax car. Something under $5 that we could get at any store. We told her what about the pins and chords we saw one everyone's necks, or what about a Jasmine doll, or what about a light up ears? She wanted none of that. Just the simple car. We bought her the car. She was very happy with her car. Then we headed back to our room.

Upon arrival, our beds were made and a card with balloons were waiting for our daughter for her birthday!

The card said, "To Ashton Happy Birthday! Princess Jasmine & Aladdin" Ashton was over the moon that Jasmine came in to give her the card. And as it was the first time our room was cleaned, Ashton was convinced that Jasmine cleaned our room and made her bed. She seemed more excited that Jasmine made her bed than gave her the card!

We ended the night watching Star Wars. My little girl is now 5 years old!
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