Sunday, September 4, 2016

Time with the Cousins

Ashton was happy to go to Mr. L's first birthday as she'd get to see all her cousins! She didn't spend a lot of time with the birthday boy - he slept through most of his party. She spent a lot of time outside. She had me hold on to her legs for the monkey bars, but everything else, she could do on her own.

After some toddler "basketball", Ashton and Dad did some hoops. And what's crazy is that Ashton made about 4 baskets all on her own! And I actually got one on video.

Of course the best thing are to see the presents and eat the cake. Ashton couldn't see so her cousin propped her up on her shoulders. She got the best seat in the house! Ashton even wore her large sunglasses for a short while. She held her like that for a long time, unti Ashton wanted me to do it. I barely lasted 5 minutes.

She had a great time and she's excited she'll see most of her cousins next week at Walk the Wall!

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