Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Rain Didn't Dampen Walk the Wall

We were so very anxious before the Walk the Wall event because it was pouring cats and dogs. The tent was blowing away, and everything was getting wet from the winds. Ashton sat in the drivers seat having a blast while I and her Daddy went out trying to get things organized, set up, and dry.

When I went on a paper towel run. The rain calmed down and eventually stopped. I came back to people already here. They braved the weather!

All the kids didn't care that the playground was wet. So they were chasing each other all over. But my girl went head first down the tunnel slide and into a huge puddle. She thought she was being good by choosing the tunnel slide as it was dry and the others were not, but she didn't notice the puddle until it was too late. She came out soaked and with mulch pieces all over.

Regardless we started the walk without a hitch. We all carried our umbrellas, just in case. It was great to see so many come. I was so afraid the rain would have scared them off.

What was amazing after the rain, it wasn't muggy or anything. It felt nice. Everyone was having a good time.

Her cousin Miss M loved having Ashton on her shoulders and running and skipping around the path. Ashton loved it!

We went back to the pavilion to do some group shots. It was wet and it's really like herding cats. It was not easy getting the kids rounded up.

We then headed back to the tent and handed out completion cards and balloons to the kids. By then the sun came and and the sky blued. You wouldn't believe that it was pouring and ugly just an hour before. That's Indiana for you.

It was a really great event. Thank you everyone who came out and supported the cause. This was fun and exhausting! I'm very fortunate to have met great people through doing this. I can't wait for next year! Hopefully, no rain!

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