Thursday, September 1, 2016

Take your Child to Work Day

Today when I woke up, I saw I had a text. It was from Ashton's daycare provider. It read,
I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to a huge bang and no power. Therefore, we cannot open until we have power restored. You may call XXX to check on power restoration so my cell battery won't die. I'll keep everyone posted as soon as they restore power.
Come to find out that the tree service guy said that vines grew around the transformer and caused it to blow. It would take a couple hours to trim it up and the the power and light company will have to com out and repair the transformer. And they have no idea how long that would take.

So I knew I had to take Ashton to work with me, at least for half the day. Then I'd take her out for lunch, let her take a nap at home and play while I continued to work at home.

Ashton was thrilled to be coming with me to work.

We decided to use her new kindergarten backpack for the first time. We packed coloring books, Legos, DC Super Hero dolls, a puzzle book, scissors, scrap paper, and Scooby snacks. Her bag was full.

Ashton said the bag was heavy, but insisted on wearing it out to the short walk to the car.

She was full of questions about where I worked, who everyone was, and why she had to whisper.

She kept herself entertained pretty well. She would follow me when I had to go to someone's office. Everyone loved meeting her.

Ashton tinkered with all her goodies in her backpack.But she did keep singing to herself while playing and it was hard to keep her voice down. Lunchtime couldn't come fast enough.

I took her out to lunch where she got to burn off steam in an indoor playground and she got a happy meal with a toy - a reward for being behaved at work.

I then proceeded to work while she napped and played in her playroom.

An interesting day. I wouldn't want to do it all the time, but it was nice to share what I do with her, show her my workplace, and show her her art projects I have displayed up at work. She loved it.

But if this happens again, I may stress for a Daddy/daughter work day.
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