Saturday, September 24, 2016

Soccer with the Neighbors

Today we were planning on going to the Chinese Festival downtown and then make way to our church's Fall Festival.

Well, Ashton's nap went over and we wouldn't make it to our church's festival if we went downtown to the Chinese Festival. And we volunteered to help set up. So we missed the Chinese Festival.

I felt a bit bad about it, but as it's just booths and not much there every year other than food and watching some dance. I didn't feel too bad. And I FINALLY have the molds for our "mooncakes". So I felt that negated missing the festival.

Ashton didn't seem particularly interested in the Chinese Festival and more about the bounce house and cake walk and other fun the church festival offered.

Ashton had fun. she must have played in the bounce houses and bounce race forever. She kept circling back for more. But in typical Ashton-style that didn't deplete any energy.

When we got back home she wanted to play with her football and soccer ball. She was out on the roundabout kicking it all about and throwing to her Daddy and me the football. A bit later Miss G came out and wanted to play soccer with Ashton. So we set up some cones so the girls could play.

they each got goals and each had fun. Ashton had to learn that Miss G could win too sometimes. That she got a goal first caused Ashton to cry. But we taught her to be a good sport and hug it out and try again. It'll take some time, but Ashton will learn that she can't always win and that it's about having fun.

But over all the girls had fun and the girls are so cute together. I'd love to see them both on a team together. Too bad Miss G will be one grade behind Ashton. I think they'd really get closer if they shared the same class.

But maybe down the road we can get the girls on the same soccer team or something similar.

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