Saturday, September 17, 2016

Safety Day Festival

So today is Mommy-Daughter Day as I will be gone out of state for a conference later in the week. So though the weather was storming all night, it stopped long enough to keep our original plans, and I took my girl to the Safety Day Festival. 

She tells me she wants to grow up to be a cop and put the bad guys in jail. So I thought she'd love this festival where she could meet cops and see their cars and everything. So we headed out.

We got there and they had a huge American flag flying overhead the entrance it was held up by two tall fire truck ladders. It was impressive.

As we went through the "gate" they handed Ashton a backpack for all the goodies as the booths. We started walking around and Ashton loved seeing all the police stuff. And everyone was very nice.

Ashton loved this "motorcycle" that was her size. But disappointed that she couldn't ride it.

We took our time and got to see a lot. She was kind and asked to get in or on everything. Ashton was very shy, but was thoroughly enjoying herself.

Ashton loved this old fire truck as it had a dalmatian and a rope to pull that you could ring the bell.

We walked by a Tae Kwon Do booth and they had a spinner. She spun it and it said break a board. So that is just what Ashton got to do.

Ashton and I loved seeing the little mole that they showed. We had no idea how small they actually are. And like me, she thought he was so cute! Too bad they burrow and make a terrible mess of your yard!

We then stopped at another booth that had 3 bins. One marked trash, one marked recycle, and the other marked hazardous. I explained that the game was to take the "trash" they had in the big bucket and she could throw it in the appropriate place. If she was 100% correct she won a big prize. Either a squirt gun or an alligator hatching egg. She took the plastic food, the batteries, the paper, all to the right bins. She loves water guns and I know how much she loves Easter and eggs... She chose the egg and couldn't wait to take a bath to see it hatch.

Then we heard a loud noise. A helicopter was coming in for a landing. Ashton was super excited and we went to watch.

After it landed they weren't ready for people to check it out yet. And Ashton saw a big wheel race on the other side that she was dying to try. So we headed over.

Six kids took to their spots to race. Ashton is a pretty fast and coordinated big wheel driver. But as you can see in the video, she has no sense of direction. Needless to say, much to her dismay, she didn't win.

She didn't get first through 3rd so didn't get to stand on the "podiums" and didn't get the trophy. But she got chocolate milk and a good sport award. She was happy with her medal but wanted to participate again to win. I told her about being a good sportsman and sometimes you just have to loose gracefully.

We then had lunch and noticed Boomer, the Pacers mascot. Ashton wasn't afraid and went right up to him and gave him a high five!

From all the police she met, the k-9 unit, the motorcycle cop, the bomb squad, this was the one she was most excited about. She told me she wanted to be a horse cop. She wanted to ride the horses just like this cop did. 

My girl loves helicopters, so finally, I was able to get my girl to sit inside one. She wanted it to fly, of course. But this will have to do for now.

It was a long day together, but well spent. The rain held off and we enjoyed all it had to offer. But on the ride home all she talked about was taking that bath to watch her alligator hatch.

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