Friday, September 2, 2016

My Wonder Girl

So our family headed out after work for 2 presents for the 2 parties Ashton was invited to over the Labor day weekend.

While we got the gifts, Ashton was getting a cough and said she was cold and if we could buy a hoodie to keep her warm.

We headed to the girls clothing side of the store to check out hoodies, to see if they had any DC Super Hero Girl brand. While heading there we past the PJs. And there was this onsie with a hoodie of Wonder Woman - her favorite super hero. not what I had in mind, but she said it looked soft and warm, and she wanted to try it on. So I obliged.

I must admit, she did look stinking cute. We went a size up so that she could grow into it.

She actually wore it around the store and kept saying how soft it was and hugging herself.

So I bought it. We had to raise her up so that the cashier could scan her. She loved her outfit.

She loved wearing it. And she even likes the hood, which makes it all the more adorable! It's an adorable lounge wear for her about the house!
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