Friday, September 23, 2016

Headbands are Cool!

During the Safety Day Festival, Ashton collected coloring books, cups, pens, toys, bags, etc. She got so much stuff. While going from booth to booth, Ashton turned up to and said, "You spoil me! I have so much stuff!" I told her that it was the police and fire fighters spoiling her, but glad she noticed and was grateful.

Anyhow, one of the booths was 811 dig. They gave her a green headband that has 811 Dig written on it. I never thought much of it. But this morning she wanted to wear it to daycare since it would match the shirt I put her in. Then she also got her Chilly ring that she got from Miss G's birthday party.

She wore it all nice-ish, but would play with it so much that her bangs are now over and her hair is all over the place. But she's happy and proud. She kept telling me all her friends would love it. I told her it didn't matter what they thought, as long as she loved it.

She's definitely making a bold statement and keeps me smiling!
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