Saturday, September 3, 2016

Doc McStuffins Party

Today was our neighbors birthday party! Miss G is just 10.5 months younger than Ashton. It's so sweet, because Miss G has a family party every year, and because we're neighbors, we get to come too. Mr. D usually comes as he's a neighbor kid as well, but couldn't attend. And as Miss G's family is all older, the only kids were just Ashton and Miss G.

Ashton was so excited to drink Coke and make the party noise maker horn toot! The girls played endlessly.

When it came to putting the band-aid on Stuffy's tummy, Miss G was very close.

Ashton didn't like her eyes covered and clung to me. I had to guide her to the wall. She missed by a mile!

What was awesome is after they ate cake the girls got under the table - oh, I mean "tent" and played dolls. Ashton isn't a big doll player, but Miss G is and they did very well. They loved their tent. This is really the first time I've seen Ashton interact rather than play beside a kid. It's wonderful to see the interaction.

The best part was Miss G got a bike for her birthday. Now the girls can ride their bikes together. Ashton was helping her learn to peddle. It was so cute! Miss G has a way to go, but it won't be long before she catches up and circles around Ashton.

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