Thursday, September 29, 2016

Date Night

So I told Ashton if she was really good at school we'd spend time together, just her and I.

When I picked her up, she asked if we were going to spend time together. I asked her about her green/red cards. Only 1 red card. (Talking - the red card she earns the most for). But overall more green cards. So I told her we'd go out to Taco Bell for our date night. One of her favorite places.

She got her usual, rice and chicken. She ate at her usual snail pace and usual sing-songy attitude. She has trouble sitting still and not just laughing it up. She is a very mobile and happy child. There were some crazy songs on the speaker overhead and she'd just hum along or bop her head back and forth. Or just for no reason get in her usual fit of giggles!

We then went out to get some fall clothing. We even found a winter jacket that matched her new winter boots - score! And we found another piece to her Halloween costume. She is very tiring to go shopping with. She's always darting and easy to distract. But she loved trying to help and trying to read sizes.

I'm so glad she loves to spend time with me. I'm sure she'd prefer a toy store, but she rocks, regardless. I feel that my toddler is turning into a kid, like really maturing in speech and conversation. So much personality!

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