Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Butler Coloring Contest

Over on Facebook, I see there is a Butler Blue III Homecoming Coloring Contest sponsored by the Butler University Bookstore. They ask for participants to color this picture and enter. The judging will take place after 3 pm on Saturday, October 8th and winners will be notified the following week. All participants will be entered to win a Butler University Bookstore gift card and category winners will also receive a gift card and special prize from Trip. Winners will be selected at the sole discretion of the judges using criteria including, but not limited to appearance, technique, artistic vision, cleanliness, and spirit.

Ashton is in the ages 4-7 category. I think it will be a tough category for her as she is the youngest and probably inexperienced of the group. But that also gives her more imagination and outside box thinking on her choices too. Ashton has a lot of creativity and spirit, so who knows.

Well, I know how much my girl loves to color! And I know she beams with Butler pride and I didn't even really push Butler on her. But she just picked it up. So when I saw the contest I knew I had to ask her to participate.

I printed a sheet and brought it home. I asked if she wanted to do the coloring contest and she lit up like a Christmas tree! She couldn't wait to finish dinner so she could begin!

She cleared her play table and concentrated rather hard and even wrote her name on it. I tried to have her write her info below, but after she broke the crayon on just the "A" I decided to fill it out myself.

Regardless of the outcome, she had fun! And I think it turned out vibrant and wonderful!

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