Thursday, September 15, 2016

Budding Artist and Storyteller

Today Ashton was very determined to stop me from my morning routine to show me her artwork which she was very proud of.

Every morning I'm on the go, get the dogs out, get Ashton dressed, help Ashton make her bed (most days), make breakfast, take the dogs out one last time, get myself ready, double check Ashton's hair/teeth, go out the door. I rarely pause and take a breather. I don't do mornings. I just do my routine and get going.

But today Ashton grabbed me and stopped me during breakfast. She didn't want breakfast today. She wanted to show me her work instead. She went into a lot of detail and love over what she did. It was evident how proud she was of her latest artwork.

So I grabbed my phone and told her to tell me her story of the bunny pirate ship and going to the mountain. As usual capturing it again is never as amazing as the first time. she left off the bunny ear on top the ship and other such details. But you can see her pride and how intricate her world for this artistry is.

Gosh I love this girl. She has so many talents, and I'm loving watching them bloom!
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