Wednesday, September 21, 2016

An Alligator named Rosie

So at the Safety Day Festival, Ashton won an alligator egg. Ashton is obsessed with egg surprises. She loves to watch YouTube videos on them. She loves Easter. Anything that comes out of an egg is awesome! She tapes things up and has a few plastic eggs, just to make her own "surprises".

So Ashton couldn't wait to take her egg into her bath and watch Rosie (which she named her) grow.

Good thing we read the directions, as she was kicking off her shoes ready to run upstairs, I read that it could take easily 24-48 hours for Rosie to hatch. It took some time explaining it to her that Rosie wouldn't come out that fast and she couldn't take a bath that long!

We put Rosie in a bowl by the kitchen sink. Se told her we'd document the whole process.

By the end of the night, Rosie was peaking through. Ashton was thrilled. She would check on her escape constantly.

Sunday morning, Rosie had made more of her way out. Ashton was very patient, saying she didn't want to scare Rosie back inside. That she'd come out when ready.

That night, to me, Rosie was out. But not to Ashton. If she wasn't out of the egg, she wasn't hatched. She would wait. Well, I had a plane to catch the next morning. So I couldn't continue in person with Rosie's adventures. 

What's funny is how excited she would be over this slow process, but her excitement was contagious. If we saw any change we'd call her and Ashton would come scampering to see. And other times she'd call us and we'd come over to see what Rosie was doing.

I was a little saddened I wouldn't see Rosie emerge.

Photos were texted to me on Rosie's "birth".

She finally emerged!

They kept her in the bowl until Wednesday night. Ashton got her out, ready to take her to the airport to meet me.

She set her down on the chair as she went to get her shoes. Khaleesi spotted Rosie and tore the poor alligator to shreds. She never had a chance. Khaleesi didn't swallow Rosie, but what was left was unrecognizable. Ashton was sad, but didn't cry. 

When they greeted me at the airport, Ashton was all matter of fact. She was bubbling with excitement to tell me the tales of Rosie.

"Khaleesi ate Rosie because I left her out. She was soft and wet and tasted good. Can we bury Rosie next to our dogs? Can we get a new egg?"

That girl! So it was a short life for Rosie. We'll have to see if there are any more of those eggs about for Ashton. She does have a birthday coming up.

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