Sunday, September 25, 2016

American Mooncakes

So, we've had traditional mooncakes. WE have pretty much avoided them ever since. But I love their design and I love the idea of them for every Mid-Autumn Festival. I always have meant to make our own version, but keep forgetting to order the molds until it's too late and they won't arrive on time.

This year I ordered them early! I got molds to make giant cookies.

Now those who know me know I don't bake, I don't cook. I have plenty of other gifts, but the kitchen is usually my husband's territory.

So I found a snickerdoodle recipe online and bought the ingredients. I then did my best to follow the recipe. (Yes, my husband came in a few times to help me out.) I had talked up baking the mooncakes to Ashton, she was super excited to help.

I would measure each ingredient and let her pour it in and stir. She loved the whisk.

This is our first cookie!

The batch was supposed to make lots of 2 inch cookies. But as these cookies were as big as your hand, the batch made 9 cookies.

We had to double the cooking time because of the size of our cookies. I couldn't wait for Ashton to eat it. She ate her cookie. All of it. I thought she liked it and she told me she did. But she didn't want anymore ever again. Hmmm... maybe more sugar and cinnamon next year. I'm not giving up!

Regardless, my husband liked them and I ate them. so they're good enough. But could be sweeter. Hopefully, she won't remember next year and will be willing to try and will love them. I do want this to be a new family tradition.

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