Thursday, September 8, 2016


So daycare's school program started Tuesday.  So technically my daughter started Pre-K Tuesday. I didn't do any special signs or anything. Didn't even occur to me. However, now that she is in "school" she gets red cards and green cards. There are 7 total. If you get more red cards than green cards you must talk it over with your parents and you don't get graham cracker treats on the way out of daycare. 

Tuesday, Ashton got all green cards, except for 2 red cards. Red card 1: Talking during class, Red card 2: Interrupting.

For her first "graded" class, we were proud of her. But we talked about raising your hand to speak and listening. But everyone in her class had a mixture of their own reds and greens!

Wednesday, Ashton was the first kid to get ALL green cards! I didn't get to pick her up that day as I was in an after work meeting, else I would have taken a photo of her holding up her cards. But we did treat her with an ice cream cone. We were so proud of her!

Today, Ashton got only 3 cards. I am not sure why just three. But one green (following directions), and 2 red. Guess which ones? Red card 1: Talking during class, Red card 2: Interrupting. And as the red out did the green, she got no graham crackers. And again we talked in depth about listening and raising her hand to speak. 

I think she knows, but like any toddler they get caught up in the moment and just forget. So she is trying to remember and be good.

Today Ashton wanted a lot of mother-daughter time together. Probably because I wasn't home until late the night before. So she and I worked on a workbook together about shapes. She's good at identifying and drawing circles. But her rectangles, squares, and triangles need much work! Which is why the workbook is perfect. And of course it's a Star Wars workbook - so it's fun!!

But with her enthusiasm with this one, encourages me to get more workbooks for her and I to do together.

After workbook fun, Ashton pulled out her little notebook. I assume she was just going to doddle. It's one of her favorite past times. But instead she started drawing a rainbow for Miss H. who she'd see at Walk the Wall on Saturday. I thought it was super cute. But then she proceeded to draw pictures for each kid who was going to attend Walk the Wall and even asked me if she was forgetting anyone who signed up. She ended up writing her name on all of them and trying to draw something she thought each kid would like. 

She did all this without any prompting on my behalf. She then got one of the junk mail envelopes and placed all her thank you drawings inside to keep them safe. She then worried where to put it. I told her she could keep them safe in a box of stuff we were taking to the walk. So she did. She was so excited and proud!

I'm so happy I have a thoughtful and thankful girl. There are times she is her age and is just me, me, me. Like any kid. However, it's time like these, when she comes up with things on her own that she wants to do to give back. It just makes me so happy! I love it!

I'm so grateful she has a big heart! I thank God every day for this blessing! I hope she grows up to help this world be a better place by leaps and bounds!

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