Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Supergirl at the Dentist

Since we've been home Ashton has gone to the dentist every 6 months. The first time I took her they told me as a preemie, her teeth didn't develop properly. The enamel didn't grow over all her teeth and they'd probably brown and fall out. Oh, and she'll definitely need braces.

Okay, brown teeth? Yikes! So since that initial visit years ago, I've tried to limit her sweets and get her to brush all the time.

Every time we go back to the dentist, all's been good. however, the dentist office scares my girl. Totally normal for her age. So every visit she sits in my lap and we coax her to open her mouth and they do the procedure that way.

Well, today - GOLD STAR! My girl laid on the chair not my lap. She held onto her toy car and my hand to feel safe, but she was such a big girl! I'm so proud of her!

She even got e-rays of her teeth! But then came the bad news!

Because of her weakened teeth, she now has 2 broken teeth and 1 cavity in worse broken tooth.

I did a double take. Broken teeth and cavity? Seriously? I've been looking for browning, not broken. We've been brushing after every meal. She has a toothbrush at daycare! We recently upgraded from baby toothpaste to fluoride toothpaste. She's gotta be better than most kids.

Yes I haven't flossed with her and yes no mouthwash. Guess we gotta up our game. But dang, I wasn't expecting broken teeth or a cavity. Not good.

I felt bad, but it's her weak teeth that broke not the lack of brushing. And it's the broken tooth that helped cause the cavity, not the lack of brushing. In fact, they mentioned she had the normal build up around the gum line for her age. Not ding for taking care of her teeth. These things happen.

But that doesn't stop me from upping the game. I don't want her teeth to get worse.

Adding flossing and mouthwash won't stop her teeth from breaking. But I'll be more watchful what she eats, that's for sure. And we don't want that cavity to get worse until she gets it filled in. So we're going all out on taking care of her teeth.

Both broken teeth are one her lower jaw. One on each side. She won't lose them they said until she's about 10 years old. One is just chipped up high. The other is down to her gum line and on the side - where the cavity is. That's the one to be very careful of.

So we made her filling appointment. What's funny is she hasn't talked about any sensitivity or pain. I suppose that is all good. And that maybe it's not that bad. 

We instantly went to the store and picked out a new fun, green lightsaber toothbrush that makes noise, flashes, and talks to you while brushing. Then I got her "better" tasting toothpaste. Got her floss on a stick and kids mouthwash.

We then stopped by to eat as I didn't want to fight 5 o'clock traffic on the way home. She was so delightful but every now and then she would open her eyes wide and they'd sort of shake. I asked what she was doing. She told me she was doing the heat vision from Supergirl. I had to capture it. It was so funny. Of course I can't get the as wide eyes or the shake on film, but you get the general gist. 

At home, she was very eager to try out the floss tonight. She brushed her teeth then I did. Then I flossed her teeth and gave it to her to try. She hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet. Then came the swishing of the mouthwash. She did it twice. 

After it was all said and done she asked for some cheese before bed. I said no, she just brushed. And she already had some a little while ago anyhow!

Hopefully, we can protect the other teeth and prevent more chips from happening.

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