Thursday, September 29, 2016

Date Night

So I told Ashton if she was really good at school we'd spend time together, just her and I.

When I picked her up, she asked if we were going to spend time together. I asked her about her green/red cards. Only 1 red card. (Talking - the red card she earns the most for). But overall more green cards. So I told her we'd go out to Taco Bell for our date night. One of her favorite places.

She got her usual, rice and chicken. She ate at her usual snail pace and usual sing-songy attitude. She has trouble sitting still and not just laughing it up. She is a very mobile and happy child. There were some crazy songs on the speaker overhead and she'd just hum along or bop her head back and forth. Or just for no reason get in her usual fit of giggles!

We then went out to get some fall clothing. We even found a winter jacket that matched her new winter boots - score! And we found another piece to her Halloween costume. She is very tiring to go shopping with. She's always darting and easy to distract. But she loved trying to help and trying to read sizes.

I'm so glad she loves to spend time with me. I'm sure she'd prefer a toy store, but she rocks, regardless. I feel that my toddler is turning into a kid, like really maturing in speech and conversation. So much personality!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Butler Coloring Contest

Over on Facebook, I see there is a Butler Blue III Homecoming Coloring Contest sponsored by the Butler University Bookstore. They ask for participants to color this picture and enter. The judging will take place after 3 pm on Saturday, October 8th and winners will be notified the following week. All participants will be entered to win a Butler University Bookstore gift card and category winners will also receive a gift card and special prize from Trip. Winners will be selected at the sole discretion of the judges using criteria including, but not limited to appearance, technique, artistic vision, cleanliness, and spirit.

Ashton is in the ages 4-7 category. I think it will be a tough category for her as she is the youngest and probably inexperienced of the group. But that also gives her more imagination and outside box thinking on her choices too. Ashton has a lot of creativity and spirit, so who knows.

Well, I know how much my girl loves to color! And I know she beams with Butler pride and I didn't even really push Butler on her. But she just picked it up. So when I saw the contest I knew I had to ask her to participate.

I printed a sheet and brought it home. I asked if she wanted to do the coloring contest and she lit up like a Christmas tree! She couldn't wait to finish dinner so she could begin!

She cleared her play table and concentrated rather hard and even wrote her name on it. I tried to have her write her info below, but after she broke the crayon on just the "A" I decided to fill it out myself.

Regardless of the outcome, she had fun! And I think it turned out vibrant and wonderful!

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

American Mooncakes

So, we've had traditional mooncakes. WE have pretty much avoided them ever since. But I love their design and I love the idea of them for every Mid-Autumn Festival. I always have meant to make our own version, but keep forgetting to order the molds until it's too late and they won't arrive on time.

This year I ordered them early! I got molds to make giant cookies.

Now those who know me know I don't bake, I don't cook. I have plenty of other gifts, but the kitchen is usually my husband's territory.

So I found a snickerdoodle recipe online and bought the ingredients. I then did my best to follow the recipe. (Yes, my husband came in a few times to help me out.) I had talked up baking the mooncakes to Ashton, she was super excited to help.

I would measure each ingredient and let her pour it in and stir. She loved the whisk.

This is our first cookie!

The batch was supposed to make lots of 2 inch cookies. But as these cookies were as big as your hand, the batch made 9 cookies.

We had to double the cooking time because of the size of our cookies. I couldn't wait for Ashton to eat it. She ate her cookie. All of it. I thought she liked it and she told me she did. But she didn't want anymore ever again. Hmmm... maybe more sugar and cinnamon next year. I'm not giving up!

Regardless, my husband liked them and I ate them. so they're good enough. But could be sweeter. Hopefully, she won't remember next year and will be willing to try and will love them. I do want this to be a new family tradition.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Soccer with the Neighbors

Today we were planning on going to the Chinese Festival downtown and then make way to our church's Fall Festival.

Well, Ashton's nap went over and we wouldn't make it to our church's festival if we went downtown to the Chinese Festival. And we volunteered to help set up. So we missed the Chinese Festival.

I felt a bit bad about it, but as it's just booths and not much there every year other than food and watching some dance. I didn't feel too bad. And I FINALLY have the molds for our "mooncakes". So I felt that negated missing the festival.

Ashton didn't seem particularly interested in the Chinese Festival and more about the bounce house and cake walk and other fun the church festival offered.

Ashton had fun. she must have played in the bounce houses and bounce race forever. She kept circling back for more. But in typical Ashton-style that didn't deplete any energy.

When we got back home she wanted to play with her football and soccer ball. She was out on the roundabout kicking it all about and throwing to her Daddy and me the football. A bit later Miss G came out and wanted to play soccer with Ashton. So we set up some cones so the girls could play.

they each got goals and each had fun. Ashton had to learn that Miss G could win too sometimes. That she got a goal first caused Ashton to cry. But we taught her to be a good sport and hug it out and try again. It'll take some time, but Ashton will learn that she can't always win and that it's about having fun.

But over all the girls had fun and the girls are so cute together. I'd love to see them both on a team together. Too bad Miss G will be one grade behind Ashton. I think they'd really get closer if they shared the same class.

But maybe down the road we can get the girls on the same soccer team or something similar.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Headbands are Cool!

During the Safety Day Festival, Ashton collected coloring books, cups, pens, toys, bags, etc. She got so much stuff. While going from booth to booth, Ashton turned up to and said, "You spoil me! I have so much stuff!" I told her that it was the police and fire fighters spoiling her, but glad she noticed and was grateful.

Anyhow, one of the booths was 811 dig. They gave her a green headband that has 811 Dig written on it. I never thought much of it. But this morning she wanted to wear it to daycare since it would match the shirt I put her in. Then she also got her Chilly ring that she got from Miss G's birthday party.

She wore it all nice-ish, but would play with it so much that her bangs are now over and her hair is all over the place. But she's happy and proud. She kept telling me all her friends would love it. I told her it didn't matter what they thought, as long as she loved it.

She's definitely making a bold statement and keeps me smiling!
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

An Alligator named Rosie

So at the Safety Day Festival, Ashton won an alligator egg. Ashton is obsessed with egg surprises. She loves to watch YouTube videos on them. She loves Easter. Anything that comes out of an egg is awesome! She tapes things up and has a few plastic eggs, just to make her own "surprises".

So Ashton couldn't wait to take her egg into her bath and watch Rosie (which she named her) grow.

Good thing we read the directions, as she was kicking off her shoes ready to run upstairs, I read that it could take easily 24-48 hours for Rosie to hatch. It took some time explaining it to her that Rosie wouldn't come out that fast and she couldn't take a bath that long!

We put Rosie in a bowl by the kitchen sink. Se told her we'd document the whole process.

By the end of the night, Rosie was peaking through. Ashton was thrilled. She would check on her escape constantly.

Sunday morning, Rosie had made more of her way out. Ashton was very patient, saying she didn't want to scare Rosie back inside. That she'd come out when ready.

That night, to me, Rosie was out. But not to Ashton. If she wasn't out of the egg, she wasn't hatched. She would wait. Well, I had a plane to catch the next morning. So I couldn't continue in person with Rosie's adventures. 

What's funny is how excited she would be over this slow process, but her excitement was contagious. If we saw any change we'd call her and Ashton would come scampering to see. And other times she'd call us and we'd come over to see what Rosie was doing.

I was a little saddened I wouldn't see Rosie emerge.

Photos were texted to me on Rosie's "birth".

She finally emerged!

They kept her in the bowl until Wednesday night. Ashton got her out, ready to take her to the airport to meet me.

She set her down on the chair as she went to get her shoes. Khaleesi spotted Rosie and tore the poor alligator to shreds. She never had a chance. Khaleesi didn't swallow Rosie, but what was left was unrecognizable. Ashton was sad, but didn't cry. 

When they greeted me at the airport, Ashton was all matter of fact. She was bubbling with excitement to tell me the tales of Rosie.

"Khaleesi ate Rosie because I left her out. She was soft and wet and tasted good. Can we bury Rosie next to our dogs? Can we get a new egg?"

That girl! So it was a short life for Rosie. We'll have to see if there are any more of those eggs about for Ashton. She does have a birthday coming up.

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Safety Day Festival

So today is Mommy-Daughter Day as I will be gone out of state for a conference later in the week. So though the weather was storming all night, it stopped long enough to keep our original plans, and I took my girl to the Safety Day Festival. 

She tells me she wants to grow up to be a cop and put the bad guys in jail. So I thought she'd love this festival where she could meet cops and see their cars and everything. So we headed out.

We got there and they had a huge American flag flying overhead the entrance it was held up by two tall fire truck ladders. It was impressive.

As we went through the "gate" they handed Ashton a backpack for all the goodies as the booths. We started walking around and Ashton loved seeing all the police stuff. And everyone was very nice.

Ashton loved this "motorcycle" that was her size. But disappointed that she couldn't ride it.

We took our time and got to see a lot. She was kind and asked to get in or on everything. Ashton was very shy, but was thoroughly enjoying herself.

Ashton loved this old fire truck as it had a dalmatian and a rope to pull that you could ring the bell.

We walked by a Tae Kwon Do booth and they had a spinner. She spun it and it said break a board. So that is just what Ashton got to do.

Ashton and I loved seeing the little mole that they showed. We had no idea how small they actually are. And like me, she thought he was so cute! Too bad they burrow and make a terrible mess of your yard!

We then stopped at another booth that had 3 bins. One marked trash, one marked recycle, and the other marked hazardous. I explained that the game was to take the "trash" they had in the big bucket and she could throw it in the appropriate place. If she was 100% correct she won a big prize. Either a squirt gun or an alligator hatching egg. She took the plastic food, the batteries, the paper, all to the right bins. She loves water guns and I know how much she loves Easter and eggs... She chose the egg and couldn't wait to take a bath to see it hatch.

Then we heard a loud noise. A helicopter was coming in for a landing. Ashton was super excited and we went to watch.

After it landed they weren't ready for people to check it out yet. And Ashton saw a big wheel race on the other side that she was dying to try. So we headed over.

Six kids took to their spots to race. Ashton is a pretty fast and coordinated big wheel driver. But as you can see in the video, she has no sense of direction. Needless to say, much to her dismay, she didn't win.

She didn't get first through 3rd so didn't get to stand on the "podiums" and didn't get the trophy. But she got chocolate milk and a good sport award. She was happy with her medal but wanted to participate again to win. I told her about being a good sportsman and sometimes you just have to loose gracefully.

We then had lunch and noticed Boomer, the Pacers mascot. Ashton wasn't afraid and went right up to him and gave him a high five!

From all the police she met, the k-9 unit, the motorcycle cop, the bomb squad, this was the one she was most excited about. She told me she wanted to be a horse cop. She wanted to ride the horses just like this cop did. 

My girl loves helicopters, so finally, I was able to get my girl to sit inside one. She wanted it to fly, of course. But this will have to do for now.

It was a long day together, but well spent. The rain held off and we enjoyed all it had to offer. But on the ride home all she talked about was taking that bath to watch her alligator hatch.

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Budding Artist and Storyteller

Today Ashton was very determined to stop me from my morning routine to show me her artwork which she was very proud of.

Every morning I'm on the go, get the dogs out, get Ashton dressed, help Ashton make her bed (most days), make breakfast, take the dogs out one last time, get myself ready, double check Ashton's hair/teeth, go out the door. I rarely pause and take a breather. I don't do mornings. I just do my routine and get going.

But today Ashton grabbed me and stopped me during breakfast. She didn't want breakfast today. She wanted to show me her work instead. She went into a lot of detail and love over what she did. It was evident how proud she was of her latest artwork.

So I grabbed my phone and told her to tell me her story of the bunny pirate ship and going to the mountain. As usual capturing it again is never as amazing as the first time. she left off the bunny ear on top the ship and other such details. But you can see her pride and how intricate her world for this artistry is.

Gosh I love this girl. She has so many talents, and I'm loving watching them bloom!
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Supergirl at the Dentist

Since we've been home Ashton has gone to the dentist every 6 months. The first time I took her they told me as a preemie, her teeth didn't develop properly. The enamel didn't grow over all her teeth and they'd probably brown and fall out. Oh, and she'll definitely need braces.

Okay, brown teeth? Yikes! So since that initial visit years ago, I've tried to limit her sweets and get her to brush all the time.

Every time we go back to the dentist, all's been good. however, the dentist office scares my girl. Totally normal for her age. So every visit she sits in my lap and we coax her to open her mouth and they do the procedure that way.

Well, today - GOLD STAR! My girl laid on the chair not my lap. She held onto her toy car and my hand to feel safe, but she was such a big girl! I'm so proud of her!

She even got e-rays of her teeth! But then came the bad news!

Because of her weakened teeth, she now has 2 broken teeth and 1 cavity in worse broken tooth.

I did a double take. Broken teeth and cavity? Seriously? I've been looking for browning, not broken. We've been brushing after every meal. She has a toothbrush at daycare! We recently upgraded from baby toothpaste to fluoride toothpaste. She's gotta be better than most kids.

Yes I haven't flossed with her and yes no mouthwash. Guess we gotta up our game. But dang, I wasn't expecting broken teeth or a cavity. Not good.

I felt bad, but it's her weak teeth that broke not the lack of brushing. And it's the broken tooth that helped cause the cavity, not the lack of brushing. In fact, they mentioned she had the normal build up around the gum line for her age. Not ding for taking care of her teeth. These things happen.

But that doesn't stop me from upping the game. I don't want her teeth to get worse.

Adding flossing and mouthwash won't stop her teeth from breaking. But I'll be more watchful what she eats, that's for sure. And we don't want that cavity to get worse until she gets it filled in. So we're going all out on taking care of her teeth.

Both broken teeth are one her lower jaw. One on each side. She won't lose them they said until she's about 10 years old. One is just chipped up high. The other is down to her gum line and on the side - where the cavity is. That's the one to be very careful of.

So we made her filling appointment. What's funny is she hasn't talked about any sensitivity or pain. I suppose that is all good. And that maybe it's not that bad. 

We instantly went to the store and picked out a new fun, green lightsaber toothbrush that makes noise, flashes, and talks to you while brushing. Then I got her "better" tasting toothpaste. Got her floss on a stick and kids mouthwash.

We then stopped by to eat as I didn't want to fight 5 o'clock traffic on the way home. She was so delightful but every now and then she would open her eyes wide and they'd sort of shake. I asked what she was doing. She told me she was doing the heat vision from Supergirl. I had to capture it. It was so funny. Of course I can't get the as wide eyes or the shake on film, but you get the general gist. 

At home, she was very eager to try out the floss tonight. She brushed her teeth then I did. Then I flossed her teeth and gave it to her to try. She hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet. Then came the swishing of the mouthwash. She did it twice. 

After it was all said and done she asked for some cheese before bed. I said no, she just brushed. And she already had some a little while ago anyhow!

Hopefully, we can protect the other teeth and prevent more chips from happening.

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