Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Vet Appointment

Ashton accompanied me as we took Kaida for her vet follow up appointment. She is now all caught up on her shots.
Kiara, Kaida, Ashton, and Khaleesi
Ashton was being so adorable. We both sat on the floor to keep Kaida calm. She was shaking knowing that things were up to no good. So Ashton "read" to her to keep her calm. I didn't think about recording it until the last bit right before the vet came in. But it was so adorable. I held Kaida while Ashton read and showed her photos in the magazine.

I even let Ashton hold her while I paid the bill. She was very sweet and calm and talked gently to her telling her it was all over and how brave she was being.

Sometime Ashton can be so sweet and mothering. I loved seeing this neutering side to her today.

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