Monday, August 22, 2016

Raising a Daughter

So when I was asked about Ashton's milestones, I made sure to do lots of clarification. I spoke how I thought she was on track, how I didn't see any delays, etc. And that still holds true.

However, I believe when anyone points something out, you do give a second look. It'd be wrong of me not to, as I don't want to ignore anything if there were "signs" I was missing. I want to be sure to give my daughter every opportunity to thrive, and I don't want to stifle her in someway by not recognizing anything early.

So of course after that email, I asked my husband again if he noticed anything. He said no. Then I was going to ask her daycare teacher, Monday after the weekend, to make sure I didn't miss anything. She has been a daycare provider for 30 years and has a degree in elementary education, so if anyone would recognize her capabilities, she would. However, I didn't realize she had already read the blog and she responded to me before I even asked. What she told me was,

I feel she has actually achieved more than the "average" student her age. As fun as it is to sing the words to many songs, which Ashton does well, I find it exceptional that she can also show her creativity by making up words to her own songs. Ashton has shown no signs of dyslexia as far as I can tell. I, too, know many of the signs of dyslexia as my own daughter struggles with it. 
So that made me feel good that I wasn't being a neglectful mother and just saying my daughter was fine and ignoring signs of anything.

Now I believe as a mother you shouldn't second guess how your raising your kids. You know what's best, most of the time. But it'd be wrong do just do so and not stop and take a second look to be sure you're still on track. It's easy to get distracted and miss signs sometimes. I have no problems reevaluating. It's my daughter's future I'm trying to mold and it needs plenty of self checks along the way.

It's easy to think you're not doing your best or that things are just okay You get caught up in the day to day stuff it's easy to overlook a detail or just see all the things "you didn't do". But by reevaluating, I was able to know, yes, I'm human, I do err. But overall, my daughter is a good kid, and she is on track, she's polite and respectful, she loves going to church and has compassion for animals, she may have troubles sleeping, and she may go limp and fuss when she doesn't get her way, but overall, she's amazing!

Yeah, one day she'll come to me and say why didn't I do this or why did I push this, but for now, it's all good. I love raising my daughter and I love the little lady she is and the person I see her blossoming into. And I'd love her if she was full of delays or not. Either way, I'm glad I feel like I'm still in tune to her!

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