Saturday, August 6, 2016

Party and Backpack

Today was Miss E's 2nd birthday. Miss E and her sister Miss N are 7 moths apart. It's been a busy year for this family learning to adjust to two toddlers in the house.

Miss N is borrowing Ashton's old high chair. Ashton recognized it right away and ran to it and hugged it and said, "I miss you high chair!"

The party was fun, but the kids had more fun just playing with toys than much else. Though Ashton was excited about the cake and ice cream.

Later we stopped by do get a few items when Ashton begged to go down the backpack isle. She's been wanting a backpack all summer. She sees fliers in the mail showing backpacks and lunchboxes and she shows me her favorites. It's either Star Wars, Paw Patrol, or something similar. She keeps asking if we can go. But she doesn't start kindergarten until next year. So there hasn't been a need. But in the store, I let her go down the isle to look. 

There she spots the last Wonder Woman backpack. It has a cape over it that can be attached or unattached by Velcro. The backpack itself lights up when you walk or jostle it. Ashton was in Heaven. She kept running down the isle wearing it letting the cape flutter. (Which is funny because she chose to wear her Supergirl dress today, and it already has a cape.) Anyhow, she asked for the backpack for school next year. And as this was the last one, we had to get it.

I caved. I bought her the backpack. She was so proud. She wore it back to the car. It was cute as her ensemble matched the backpack very well. And as she loves DC Superhero Girls on YouTube. She watches the short episodes quite often.

So my little superhero got a backpack. I'm sure we'll figure out something to use it for.

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