Friday, August 26, 2016

Go Dawgs!

One of my favorite photos of my daughter is of her in a Butler bulldogs cheerleader dress after only having her a few short moths. She just looked perfect! I keep meaning to play with the background and make her shoes blue or something. But both my husband and I got her our college outfits. But because I dress her she wore her Butler outfit more than her Purdue one.

Anyhow, during college basketball, Ashton has seen us route on for our teams. The Boilermakers aren't as cute as a bulldog. So she's always been pro Butler! And when driving around town she always points out the billboard signs that promote Butler.

I keep telling her I'll take her to the campus one day. And she's long outgrown her cheerleader outfit.

Anyhow, this morning on the way to daycare, Ashton drew Trip, the mascot for Butler.

Doesn't it look just like him. She was so proud! I'm going to have to take her to the campus and Bookstore to get some of her own swag soon! Go Dawgs!

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