Sunday, August 28, 2016


Today at church was very interesting. My pastor had set me aside a week earlier, saying that this coming Sunday was about "Being Family". Not just a church family, but adoption, foster, the whole thing. And  he was curious about my thoughts on how we might introduce the topic of adoption and foster care to our church family. He also asked that I attend bother services so that people could connect with me following the service if there were any questions.

The first service was normal service and he spoke about being adopted into God's family and how we needed to be neighbors to those around us and adopt others so to speak. Then the Director of Children's Ministries came up and shared her personal story of adoption. After the service I had a few people come up to me interested in my story, but none interested for themselves. But this is a first good step. Awareness!

The next service was a children's service. We have them about once a quarter. At this service the same focus, but Silly Safaris came in with animals for the kids. All the kids went up front, my daughter wouldn't move up front without me. So we were up front together dancing and listening how animals are family and God's creatures and adopted into our families as well. A more simple version for the kids to digest and enjoy.

Afterwards, I was available again. Again, more interested in my story than their own, but I was able to talk about Walk the Wall, and maybe drum up some interest or possible donations.

Afterwards, the children were able to pet the fun animals. Ashton was very taken with the screaming hairy armadillo. Oh, he was so cute! His name was Ruffles, because he has ridges.

Ashton also really liked Owlbert. He was a sweet little owl. She got to pet him, much to her delight. There was milk snake (the one that looks similar to the coral snake). And his tongue kept flickering, so she kept sticking her tongue out at him, saying they were talking to each other.

Ashton was dismayed that she didn't get to pet the baby alligator they brought this time. She remembered petting one about a year ago.

I'm going to have to take Ashton to some kind of sanctuary or petting zoo that is very involved. She just loves animals of all kinds and I want to keep nurturing that.
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