Thursday, August 11, 2016

Cleaning your Playroom with a Shovel

Ashton HATES cleaning up her playroom. It's hard to wonder why. She always has to after playing. And in reality, all she has to do is drop things inside bins. Really easy. But it's a chore for her. She gets very over dramatic asking for help or sighing when she has to clean. Well this time, Ashton said it was easier to shovel everything. It slowed her down, but it it made cleaning fun, why not. It tickled me to see her clean with a small shovel.

Ashton just discovered Tiny Toons. She's been singing their songs lately. Of course it's always condensed when you're trying to capture it on video. But you get the point.

It's been very busy at work, and most of our days are just exhausted at home or building Lego sets together. But here were a few moments that stood out.

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