Saturday, August 20, 2016

Cake Help

Today is my hubby's birthday. So Ashton and I sat down and I wrote out "Happy Birthday Daddy, Love Ashton" and Ashton did her best to copy it on the lines below.

Then Ashton was finally relieved that we were making his birthday cake. She had wanted to help make it for a week!

She loved measuring all the ingredients out and pouring them into the bowl. She wasn't too keen that I did the eggs, but last time she helped we got too much shell added.

Then she wanted to stir it all up herself. So I showed her how to use the spatula to clean the edges while stirring vigorously. She loved stirring fast. She didn't care about pouring it in the pan or making the fudge part. That was enough for her.

She spent the rest of the time licking off the spatula. She was very thorough.

Ashton helped sing happy birthday to her daddy. She was so cute about it. We then played games, had pizza, and watched a family movie together. It was a nice relaxing time.

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