Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bubble Mania

When Ashton turned three, we got her a bike. And we didn't get her just any ordinary bike. We got her a bike that blew bubbles. That it had the Little Mermaid on it didn't matter. She has nothing against Ariel, but doesn't cherish her either. She's not into Disney princesses. But she is into bubbles. So it was the bike we got her.

Flash forward almost 2 years later, she still loves her bike. Her streamers have now all fallen off. In fact, she asks for a new, bigger bike all the time. The girl loves wheels.

But her bubble maker hasn't been used in quite some time. It has scratches on it now and when I took it off to examine it, there was sawdust all over the opening and in the cradle. I wasn't sure if it would come back to life.

I rinsed it off and put in new bubble mix and turned it on. And it actually worked. Ashton rode around with the bubbles trailing about for some time. Then just sat on her bike popping bubbles. She was in Heaven!

She had a blast! She was popping bubbles and chasing them until the bubble mix went out! You'd think she never saw bubbles before. But my girl just happens to be a bubble junkie. Even two years later after we got the bike for our bubble lover.

I just loved watching her with her pure joy over something so simple.

Then later she drew with chalk on our driveway, and started to get silly. She started singing, "Pirate Piggie" I think it was a "song" she made up. She loves the movie "Angry Birds", and so that is where this song derived.

There's this scene where Ashton just cracks up where the evil pig slaps his own butt. And of course I may have accidentally encouraged her in the video. So it goes from drawing, to singing, to slapping her rear. And what's funny, is this is a great summary of my daughter! Her personality. Messy, creative, happy, silly, and endearing!

It was miserably muggy and hot outside. But bubbles and drawings and all of it, through Ashton's eyes was worth it!

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