Sunday, August 14, 2016


I'm not looking forward to this week at all. It's a busy time for me at work with conferences and proposals due. I so wish we had more weekend time. It flew by fast, though nothing happened. Just cleaning the house and trying to do NOTHING but veg. The family needed some serious down time.

So as the weekend comes to a close, Ashton wanted me to share her alien. He's adorable. She's always building something, usually a boat, a car, or a house. She begged for me to build with her. I usually fiddle, but don't build. I'm not good off-book. But I did my best this time and made a dog. Ashton was tickled! She actually helped me with the eyes and showed me a piece that would allow my pup to see. just like her alien. She's so smart.

Ashton is going through a super hero phase.So she named her alien Harley Quin and my pup, she named her Poison Ivy. Why not? I love spending down time with her and just seeing what she creates.

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