Friday, August 5, 2016

A Night of Baseball

When we got home after daycare and work we scrambled to change and head out the door, as my work had seats for us employees to the Indians game! Ashton had been before last year, but barely made it through 4 innings. I was curious how much a year would do on her patience.

In the very beginning it was rather hot. Before the first inning was done we downed a dip n dots! Ashton wanted more, as did I, but we managed to survive. Ashton asked a lot of questions.

What are they doing?
Why did his bat break?
Who are the good guys?
Is it over yet?

She loved the small songs they'd play to rev up the crowd, She'd jump up and down to dance. But then we had to resort to our phone apps to keep her interest. The game wasn't enough.

Ashton did really well. She only had to go potty once. And when we did that was when she saw the mascot Rowdie. She kept leaving the line outside the family bathroom stall trying to get a good look. But after we were done at the bathroom, he was leaving his post and Ashton got a wave as he pasted by.

Ashton made it through all 9 innings. And the Indians won! Ashton even brought her "binoculars" to watch the game at the end.  But I think the best part of it all for Ashton were the fireworks at the end. They did a good job. They were rather impressive.

Ashton fell asleep on the car ride home. But of course when we pulled up in the drive way she had her second wind and it took a bit to get her back down to bed again. But all in all, we had a great time!
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