Monday, July 4, 2016

Working Hard on the 4th of July

These last 2 days were spent a little differently than I had imagined.

After church yesterday I new that my hubby was going to help extend the stage. So I was in casual clothes to help and Ashton was able to play back the the Sunday school rooms and was so good at entertaining herself. 6 hours later of lots of work, we realized we were coming back tomorrow! Yuck! None of us were excited to come on July 4th, but this had to be done.

So at 7:30am today the project began again. It wasn't completed until 5:30pm! What a day! But Ashton was a big help. We had to show these boys how to get the job done! They had heard that Ashton knew her way around the tools and nail gun. So they wanted to see for themselves.

We added the headpiece just for kicks. Told her she looked like Princess Leia!

Ashton put in 3 nails to the stage extension. All were impressed. Now Ashton can officially say she helped with building the stage!

But everyone was so impressed how well she behaved and stayed out of the way and entertained herself while this was all going on. She even helped sweep and do clean up!

After 2 long days of work, and the weather being rainy, we just didn't have it in us to go see the fireworks.

We kind of just vegged for a few hours. Exhausted. Ashton kept busy with playing and even showing us some of her latest artwork! She drew us a pregnant bird! See the dot on her belly; that's the baby!

Since Ashton was sad not to go out to see the big fireworks, we bought a few sparklers and decided to do it at home so we could get to bed early. Ashton was excited.

We headed off to bed and though not asleep at 11pm the door was knocking. Our neighbors came back from the fireworks show and had big ones to shoot off and invited us to watch. We dressed quickly and joined them. (So much for trying to get to sleep early.)

The firework display was great. Ashton kept running form sitting with me and her friend Mr. D. She loved it.

We'll be tired tomorrow, but it was well worth it. We didn't have to fight crowds or traffic. Just glad we got the stage done and that we were able to celebrate the 4th of July. Just wish we had more of a vacation or weekend to relax!
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