Saturday, July 30, 2016

Wedding in Chicago

So today we had a trip to Chicago! Going to a wedding! Ashton of course made over Kaida this morning. But not for long as we had to take our 3 hour trip there.

All glammed up and ready to go!

At the church my husband and I took turns holding Ashton up to see. He more than me. But on one occasion, when I was holding her, Ashton played with my pearls and leans in to me and whispers, "These are core memories." She loves 'Inside Out' and memories are colored spheres. Of course she goes on to say I have sadness memories, while I shh her to watch the wedding. But it still tickled me.

We had some down time between the wedding and the reception, so we checked out the place and Ashton played some games.

Finally the bar opened up and Ashton was super excited to order a coke. She was just like the adults.

While most everyone was on the grass, I found a nice shaded spot to sit. It was perfect and so was the weather. Not too hot, not too cold. Just great if in the shade. 

Ashton was fascinated by all the golfers. She hadn't seen golfing before and loved to see the putt the ball in the holes. She said she wanted to play and got very disappointed when she found out she wasn't a member and couldn't. I told her we'd go putt-putting one day soon.

Here is the group that typically gets together and plays games or hangs out - minus the bride and groom.

Ashton was very shy to get out on the dance floor without her mommy or daddy. But this little girl, adored her and grabbed her hands and brought her out to the dance floor. It was super sweet.

There was then the father and daughter dance. It was terrible taking video, but I caught the tail end of Ashton and her daddy dancing to it together too.

Then there was lots of dancing to be had. We danced a lot as a family, but on the kids songs, that same bold girl that loved Ashton would dance with her.

Our table consisted of our gang and this lovely couple. They were just smitten with Ashton and the adoption process. We also talked a lot about our furbabies.

We stayed much later than anticipated, knowing we had a 3 hour drive back home. But we all had a great time! Ashton did very well. Even ate her salad, soup, and all her mac and cheese and 1 large chicken plank. We were so proud of her.

Congrats to Mr. B & Mrs. B! It was so much fun!
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