Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Supergirl in all of Us

Today my little superhero wanted to wear her new Supergirl dress, complete with cape. We got back so late from Chicago that we missed church this morning, but I let her wear the dress anyways. She kept saying things like:

Supergirl is flying.
Supergirl is saving the day.
Supergirl will take to the sky.
Supergirl tripped.

It was really cute. She wanted to play outside and make her cape flutter in the non-existent wind.

We loved having such a low key day, with just doing laundry and dishes, no traveling. I felt very accomplished and very Supergirl myself getting the sheets and clothes all done and put away. We even got groceries. For our exhaustive selves, we felt pretty accomplished. However, a water main broke later that night and we were without water by bedtime. Made things a little off, but we managed.

Our little superhero played Uno and Mario Kart with us and got to run around outside. It was a great low key day. If we could only have more of them!

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