Saturday, July 23, 2016

Road Trip

So we packed up wearing just the clothes on our backs and drove to get our new puppy. We packed snacks, puppy toys, blankets, and everything to make the ride comfortable. We brought Amadeus with us. I got up at 2:30 am and we got going on the road by 3:30 am. (It was a long hike.)

My hubby drove the first leg for about 3 hours. I started the 2nd leg. By 7 am Amadeus sneaked into my lap. And then he puked all over me! I didn't have a blanket in my lap as I was driving. I instantly regretted not packing extra clothes.

We pulled into a McDonalds, which luckily had the strong air blowers and I rinsed off my pants and dried them under the drier. Very humbling. Won't get into how the direr was placed right in front of the door so anyone walking in or in the hallway could see me pantless!

Needless to say, I "cleaned up" and resumed our drive.

By 4 pm we arrived at the breeders. She showed us her chihuahuas and Ashton was thrilled that she got to hold any of them she wanted.

But we were there just for one particular girl, whom the breeder named Madison. We had a list of names, but knew that her personality would pick it out.

She was sweet as could be. She loved being held. My husband was smitten.

Amadeus was great with her pack. He ran around with the other chis and got snacks. He was amazing. We were proud of him.

At around 6 pm we left with our newest family member. We then headed down to my cousin's house  (about an hour away) who graciously said she'd put us up for the night, unexpectedly. We couldn't wait to see her as she has a little boy about 1 year younger than Ashton. And she said we could go to the beach, which instantly excited Ashton.

We arrived at her house and Mr. G hit it off with Ashton instantly. But of course the first thing out of Ashton's mouth was "Are we going to the beach?" And as it was 7:30 pm we hurried off. We got there by 8 pm. Just enough to get an hour in of play.

Ashton got to see the ocean for the first time.

My cousin Miss A bought Ashton a swimsuit. I put her in it (right there on the beach - luckily no one was around) and she ran off to the waves. She was insistent about building a sand castle. Mr. G and Ashton made more of a sand moat.

Our impromptu visit was so short lived. But we got a shower and a bed to sleep in. Miss A even laundered our clothes! I got clean pants! It was wonderful. We just hope our visit with our family can be longer next time.

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