Friday, July 1, 2016

Last Day as an Angelfish

Today Ashton graduated from Angelfish class. Her usual instructor wasn't available so the last day there was a sub. And she was very sweet. Ashton was a little moody at first but then warmed up.

She did everything she was asked to. And on her final day, she finally jumped into the pool without assistance!

This was a big deal! We were so proud of her! We ended up buying ice cream and M&Ms to mix up for her as a big treat!

Ashton was so excited to receive her celebratory sucker and ribbon! I was very curious as to what she ranked on her report card.

She mastered everything! She's now officially a Pufferfish. However, we didn't sign up for Pufferfish classes. I really wish we could have, but the money and scheduling just didn't allow. Hopefully, she is brave enough to venture in the pool with her cousin when she visits next time. I can't wait to take her there and she how she fairs.

I think these 2 weeks were definitely worth it!
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