Monday, July 18, 2016

I Couldn't Take It Anymore, So I Finally Did It!

After 6 months of growing them out, Ashton's bangs are back. I've been trying to talk Ashton and her Daddy back into them for over a month! But they both wanted her bang-less. I was willing to try, but I was so sick and tired of her hair being a mess.

If we put her hair back she'd get tons of whispy hairs that I couldn't get back and that'd be just the beginning. It wouldn't stay that way. Somehow the rest of her hair would follow suit.

Strands of hair would manage to come free. Her hair has a wild spirit just like my girl!

And when pulling it back, it'd usually get messy and loops half out. She just looked like a hot mess to me. But I wanted to keep her and her Daddy happy. But I did wear them down.

And when she wore it all down, I could never see her face. I couldn't stand it. But I do want my daughter to take ownership of her hair and feel proud of it. Have a say - to a point. So I kept asking her and she'd keep saying no. And if her Dad overheard, he'd say how much he liked it the way it was. But he never "does" her hair. He'll change diapers, clean up vomit, but never take a rubberband out! That he can't do.

So I finally got her to say yes! I wanted her to be sure and not just say it for my benefit. So I asked several times if she was sure. She said, she just didn't want to look like a boy!

I was surprised. She had bangs before, she never looked like a boy. But maybe she thought I was going to cut all of her hair. I showed her old photos and showed her the long hair and bangs and told her she'd look like that. She then asked me if her daycare friends would like it. I told her it didn't matter. It only mattered what she thought of it.

She was so good when I cut it. We did it right after her bath. She stayed in the tub. IT was so quick and easy. She thought it was funny seeing the hair fall around her. She giggled through it all, but didn't move. And not moving is quite a feat!

She got 2 helpings of peaches as a reward for being so good! And I think she looks SO MUCH BETTER.

I don't have to worry about pulling her hair back every day or how to style it. And if I do, it's because we want to do something extra special, not as a necessity.

She showed her Daddy and he told her she looked beautiful and told me she looked younger! I just loved seeing her face again without having to push back hair and have a mess. No crazy hair!

I think she likes it, but I'm sure she'll feel better when she goes to daycare and knows they do think she looks like a boy!
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