Sunday, July 24, 2016

Home Sweet Home

On the forever drive home our long list of 17 names got narrowed down and funneled down and in the last hour of the trip, our new chihuahua girl got a name.

Meet Kaida! It means Little Dragon in Japanese.

She did great on the trip. She just snuggled up next to Amadeus and slept most of the way. WE had no puking on this leg of the trip. To which I am very grateful.

We introduced each family member to her and she did great. Peyton was curious about her and the rest were like, yeah, whatever. Khaleesi was ecstatic. So we had to calm her down.

Ami really likes Kaida's new bed, and made himself home.

So after our long weekend trip, I had to pack for my work conference off in Iowa. I got to be back home for only a handful of hours. Ami wanted to go with me.

Kaida loves to play and is adorable. She even barked and growled at herself in the mirror. She is so funny.

This girl is very food driven and hasn't learned her manners yet. Whenever I opened the bag she would climb on me trying to get into the bag. So I showed her how Amadeus was patient and would stand there and sit waiting. And after a bit she learned to stop running over me, wait, and sit! She's so smart!

I think she's going to do just fine with our family. She's fitting in nicely.

Ashton tried sneaking into our bed to sleep with Kaida. However, we got Ashton out and amazingly Kaida curled up and slept on the bed next to us as if she had for years. Just like Arwen! We are very excited to have her with us. I just wish I didn't have to leave on my work trip this week!

I told my husband I wanted lots of videos and pictures while I am away. I hate to miss all the firsts! I just hope there's a lot of bonding time with the pup and with Ashton!

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