Sunday, July 10, 2016

Go Kittens: Day 1 of VBS

Today at church our family along with many others were thanked for working on the stage extension. But the best part is they threw up a photo of Ashton with the nail gun and said it was all because of her that it got done right. It was cute!

At the end of church we got Ashton out of Sunday school and she got her 2 powdered donuts we always save for her as they're gone by the time she gets out. Today she kept getting it all over herself and told me she was wearing powered lipstick!

On our way out we picked up Ashton's VBS shirt. This years theme is pets. And Ashton was put on the Kittens team (orange team). And as the smallest shirt is XS, not in toddlers, the shirt swims on Ashton. It was worst last year

When we got home I put her in her VBS shirt. So I pulled it back with a hair tie and told her she had a kitten's tail.

Oh my goodness, you would have thought I really got a kitten's tail costume for her. She loved it and wanted to show off her tail to her friends and neighbors and Daddy! If only all joys were that easy!

Later Ashton played on her scooter and bike then drove around in her Beetle for a bit. Then she did the cutest thing! She parked her car and ran and got a few tools from Daddy's toolbox and began working on the car. She told me she had a flat! She was changing her tire!

I had a flat a few weeks ago, and I guess it made an impression on Ashton.

It was too cute to see her change a tire. I don't know of any kid that pretends to change a tire! This girl rocks!

We then had to head off to VBS. So I took a few snapshots of my Kitten.

She was very anxious for me to drop her off and leave her behind. But I knew she'd have a blast. And after 2 hours I came back and she was all smiles. I heard she was dancing a storm earlier.

Seems Kitten rule!

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