Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Aye Chihuahua!

We miss Arwen like crazy. Dawson too, my silly, big baby boy. Even Fancy's sweet face. It's been a hard few months for our family. (Meet the furbabies.) The loss of a pet is never easy. However, Arwen's passing hit us hard as it was so unexpected.

She was my husband's companion as Amadeus is mine. And Ami being a Chihuahua like Arwen, has lost his best friend. He still plays with Kiara, but it's not the same.

We were sure this would happen eventually, but we didn't expect so soon. A new Chihuahua puppy is joining our family. At least we're 90% sure - as we haven't met the pup yet. We pray and hope that she will bond with Amadeus and fit in our family. She is to be my husband's companion, as Ami is mine.

We're leaving Saturday to go meet this little girl! And if all goes well, she'll be coming home. Isn't she beautiful?

Arwen was a blue and this little girl is a tri. Arwen was sweet, demure, and an angel. Of this girl we're told she's a spitfire, wicked, and spunky. So a very different personality. She loves to play with toys and isn't scared of big dogs or children. She is used to being held by young kids and loves to play and loves to cuddle. But when she's wound up, watch out as she's really fast.

And here's the kicker! Amadeus and this little girl are related! Her grandfather is from Amadeus' breeder. Isn't that the coolest?

We have a long list of names to try out on her. But we won't decide until we meet her. Her personality will choose the name. If we get her, that is.

But in the mean time, her name from the breeder is Madison. So that's what we're calling her until we gift her with our own.

Mother at top, with our new girl below.
We plan to go see her this Saturday. We're taking Amadeus with us. We don't expect him to warm up to her for a couple weeks. When we went to get Amadeus, (in those days his breeder's name for him was Slater) we took Arwen with us and she was so upset. She ignored him at the breeder's house, she ignored him on the ride home. It took a few days at home when she finally figured out she could play with him. And they bonded and were each other's companion ever since.

We are hoping for the same with Madison and Amadeus. But as Amadeus is older than what Arwen was then and there's more of an age difference (between Arwen and Ami was 3 years, this will be 8 years). I'm assuming it will take longer for these two to bond. We shall see.

I'm just so blessed that Amadeus beat his cancer and is still with me. You know his cancer just went down and he was able to do well without his chemo, in longer spans; until one day he just didn't need it anymore. I can't say the day, even the month I knew he was cancer free. But his neck healed and we just stopped and he's already outlived the doctor's predictions. I'm so proud of my little fighter.

I never thought he'd outlive Arwen or Dawson. And I hope by getting a companion for him, he will live even longer and play like he used to.

So our family will be turned upside down again until we adjust to our new normal. We're eager to see what that will be! Can't wait to meet this tiny girl!

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