Saturday, June 18, 2016

With Time to Spare

Today was a crazy day. We had to get to a birthday arty early afternoon. So we planned to eat lunch early to fit in a nap. Because Ashton is cranky without her naps.

Well, my hubby's SUV was being repaired. He was working on the brakes, replacing the master something and caliber...I don't know. But it was involving.

Well, I was going to take Ashton to the party alone so he could work on it. Well, he needed a part, so I told him I'd take him quickly then drop him back home and we'd be on our way. She'd just have to nap in the car.

Well, we get to my car. A flat! 

So he hairs it up qucily and we drive my car to our tire place and I'm there talking to the mechanic while he's next door at an auto parts store getting his part.

I find out that I have a screw in my tire and they can patch it up, but there's 6 people in front and it'd take at least 2 hours. She'd be late by then and the party is on the other side of town an hour away! So I ask if there are any alternatives. He tells me of another store of theirs on my way that usually is slower and could do this in no time. He told me he'd call the store to let them know we're coming.

So hubby returns, no part, they didn't have it in. I tell him we're headed off to another store, as is he. 

On our way to the tire store, we pass another auto parts store and stop there. Ashton is still wide awake and very bored. She doesn't have her innotab back from loosing it earlier in the week and I think it's good for her to learn to be bored. But she climbs up to the front seat with me and we chat it up. 

After a while, hubby is back out and with the part he needs. We're now off to the tire store.

We get there and they whisk my car right in. While checking out the patch job, they tell me that my treads are showing on one other tire and it should be replaced. My husband and I check it out, and yes, they're right. So we get that done too.

By now we don't want to miss the party so hubby is coming with. He rationalizes that it's the hot part of the day now and it'd be better to work on the vehicle when it's a bit cooler.

So we head to the party. It's a pool party for the kids. And we adults were under a canopy with a mister. It was so relaxing. I don't remember a more relaxing party I'd been to for kids. It was perfect.

Ashton loved the cake and got a second helping of icing. She had a blast in the plastic inflatable pool. She kept running int he grass and jumping in the pool. But the plastic was so wide she had to stop and climb over, thus negating the run. But she didn't care or notice.

Finally we needed to go. My husband's SUV beckoned. So we got in my car and after driving past a couple houses, noticed that we had a flat again! The same tire. They did a bad patch job. So we had to pull off the tire and put on the spare. (And the tire store closed a 5pm and it was just past 5 and they aren't open on Sundays!)

I got sunburned the 10-15 minutes I was out helping change the tire with my hubby. Didn't notice then, but later in the night, the back of my neck was on fire!

So we get back home and he works on his SUV, while I see my wonderful yellow spare on the side of my car. It feels like it's been a terribly long day! I'm just glad Ashton didn't end up missing the party. She had a lot of fun!

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