Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Swimming Assessment

Today was Ashton swimming assessment to determine which level would be best for Ashton, Angelfish or Pufferfish.

We took her to the pool and she was nervous about getting into the water without a life jacket, even sitting on the steps. So Daddy sat close for extra comfort the first few minutes. She called for him often.

It took a few tries to build up her trust issues. For a girl that can be so fearless when she SHOULD be scared and then so nervous at times I'd think she'd go crazy and wild. It's so strange. But that is the perfect explanation of a 4 year old.


Her teacher from daycare kept talking up Ashton all day to put her head in the water and blow bubbles. I can't say she really put her head int he water, but her mouth was and a couple bubbles made. Regardless I was proud of her.

I loved that though she was very nervous she did listen to the teacher. She didn't just run off. I'm very proud she was working through her fears. She always went last in the group so she could observe everyone else doing it. The first two kids were all in. I thought they'd drown for how long they'd put their face under water and float all by them selves. Then the taller girl in the pink beside her was more hesitant. But she was a whole year younger than Ashton! But I thought it was good that these two girls were hesitant and it wasn't just my girl, though mine was the more fearful of the two.

Ashton learned to kick out behind her, float on her back, scoop the water with her hands, and wall crawl.

You may think, she warmed up after a time per usual. And she did. However, not to her typical level of crazy. All the kids loved jumping in the pool after the wall crawl. Ashton would not. The instructor picked her up and "jumped" her in very slowly. Funny for a girl that told me she wanted to do competitive diving.


But in the end look at that proud face, she was begging to go back into the pool when it was all over. She had so much fun! And it did my heart good knowing she loved it. She can't wait to start lesssons!


In the end she deserved a treat for her bravery. She got a blow pop for her efforts.

After talking with the instructor, it was her recommendation that she go to the Angelfish class. Ashton was just too scared and hesitant and she'll get more one on one time with the teacher. In Pufferfish there are 4 students. In Angelfish there are only 2. She'll learn pretty much the same stuff but with more focused attention.

So we'll be back in just under 2 weeks for swimming lessons. Ashton keeps asking if it's happening tomorrow. She just can't wait. My silly Angelfish.

We celebrated by buying another swimsuit. I picked three out and let her pick her favorite from the three. Of course I would have picked a different one, but I think she loved being able to do so herself. We have to get goggles next. I'll have to find a green pair if there are any in her size.

I'm looking forward to her upcoming Angelfish swimming lessons!
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