Sunday, June 5, 2016

'Swimming' all By Herself

Ashton always begs to go to the beach or the pool. We rarely have an opportunity to go as we don't have a neighborhood pool and aren't members of the Y. So Ashton was really excited when she found out that we had to go help fix Aunt D's cabinets that broke. And while doing so she could swim with her cousin Mr. K in the pool.

While we were driving to her house, Ashton told us how to fix the broken cabinet that literaly just fell off the wall!

For those who can't hear her, she said to fix it with Gorilla Glue! She loves to wath YouTube videos, and the commercial for Gorilla Glue is on all the time right now. So her saying this was so cute and funny! I mean why didn't we think of that ;)

So we get to Aunt D's house and the kids waste no time getting into their swimsuits. Mr. K adores his cousin Ashton and couldn't wait to swim with her.

We got her in her life jacket and she requested goggles. She looked adorable. But she didn't feel safe and was too afraid to go into the water. 

So we added the arm floaties and she was only brave enough to sit on the steps. Mr. K was so patient with her and kept tell her he'd help her and hold her hand and wouldn't let her drown, but she wouldn't budge.

I didn't bring my swimsuit. I just assumed I was on guard duty and that she would be all over, even trying to jump off the diving board or down the slide. But she just stayed on the steps. No coaxing that I or Mr. K did made her feel safe enough to venture out.

Finally, Aunt D left my husband and Pop to work alone on the cabinet and came out to get in the pool. She tried to talk Ashton out, but she wouldn't do it. So she told Ashton to hold on to her. Clinging like a baby with a death grip Ashton wrapped her feet and arms around Aunt D. They would go around the shallow end together. Slowly, ever so slowly Ashton would grip less and less and wanted to "fetch" and grab toys from the pool.

Eventually we got her to trust enough to do this! We were so excited and proud of her.

Of course we were always pushing for her to be on her own. Of course that meant another inflatable device. But hey, she was doing it! Her swim was so cute, it looked like she was riding a bike. She thought she was so fast. She ended up racing Mr. K back and forth. I was so glad she was opening up and trusting it all. I'm so glad Aunt D was able to get in the pool with her and help her out. I really wish I could have, but this way I got to really watch and enjoy!

By the end we were able to get her to remove the arm floaties! So small victories. And way better than where we began.

I so have to get this girl swimming lessons!
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