Friday, June 17, 2016

Songs, Art, and Dance

Asthton is a very busy girl. After daycare, we had a little time to eat and get ready for dance class. Ashton decided to sing and draw. She made up her very own song. It was about the sun and moon, and by the end a hot dog was thrown in there!

And look, the first drawing of our family by Ashton! She wanted to point out that she was standing on her dad's head!

Then we were off to dance class. There are 4 routines. A Chinese dance routing, a ballet routine, a sheep routine, and handkerchief routine. They are getting ready for a performance early July. However, since we have a family reunion that day, we cannot participate. But she's learning the routines anyhow.

She's having fun and warming up slowly. And even has a play date with one of the younger girls in a week's time!

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